# Category Author Description Created
1 SkyBlock Dream voodootje0 Performance improvements
2 SkyBlock Dream voodootje0 /island (panel) aliases are now working properly
3 Factions voodootje0 Nerfed cooked fish sell price
4 SkyBlock Dream voodootje0 Nerfed cooked fish sell price
5 Global voodootje0 Improved anti bot filter
6 Forums Flagy_ Fixed check box not showing in line with the value
7 Forums Flagy_ Fixed the avatars' shape
8 SkyBlock Dream voodootje0 Fixed island members permissions
9 SkyBlock Dream voodootje0 Fixed scrolls bug in /trade
10 Factions voodootje0 Fixed god crate spawner bundle reward.
11 Factions voodootje0 Fixed some vouchers given the wrong rewards.
12 SkyBlock Dream voodootje0 Fixed gkit keys
13 Factions voodootje0 Improved cannoning and performance
14 Factions voodootje0 Fixed bug with auctionhouse isn't showing lores of items
15 Factions voodootje0 Fixed auctionhouse bug with category search
16 SkyBlock Fantasy voodootje0 Fixed island members bug
17 SkyBlock Fantasy voodootje0 Fix sellwands
18 SkyBlock Fantasy voodootje0 Fixed wrong crate item
19 SkyBlock Fantasy voodootje0 Fixed Ultimate Spawner Case
20 SkyBlock Fantasy voodootje0 Improved /shop so you can easily go back to the main menu