# Category Author Description Created
1 Discord Flagy_ Added #discord_punishments channel log
2 PracticePvP Gunfire Fixed chat placeholders
3 SkyBlock Dream Gunfire You can no longer use enderpearls to glitch out warp pvp
4 Factions Gunfire Fixed 1.12.1 boat glitching
5 Factions Gunfire Redid Ultra & God crate rewards
6 Factions Gunfire Added boosters & chunkbusters on the store.
7 Factions Gunfire Lowerd sand,dirt and cobblestone price
8 Factions Gunfire Added sand/redsand/cobblestone and glowstone into the raidingshop
9 Factions Gunfire Added cooldown on /regen 2 command
10 Prison Gunfire Fixed treasure hunter pickaxe enchantments
11 Factions Gunfire Fixed Mcmmo redeem permission
12 Prison Gunfire Fixed the vote counter
13 SkyBlock Dream Gunfire Disabled tpahere in pvpzone
14 Prison Gunfire Fixed that you're no longer stuck when jumping in to pvpzone
15 Creative Gunfire Fixed to many packets kicks
16 Creative Gunfire Fixed worldedit voting reward
17 Prison Gunfire Fixed gang tag & gang role when hovering over someone`s name
18 Global Gunfire Removed rare key rewards while voting
19 Prison Gunfire Fixed permission to use color codes for donators
20 Factions Gunfire Fixed typo when you type the wrong faction command