# Category Author Description Created
1 Factions voodootje0 Increased mob spawning
2 Factions voodootje0 Potions are now more accurate
3 Factions voodootje0 Improved hit detection
4 Factions voodootje0 Fixed cannon issues
5 BedWars Gunfire changed & modified some anti-cheat checks
6 BedWars Gunfire Fixed invincible players glitch
7 SkyBlock Dream voodootje0 Fixed several bugs regarding with spawners
8 Prison voodootje0 Now you can prestige up to prestige 20
9 Prison voodootje0 Updated auctionhouse
10 SkyBlock Dream Gunfire Fixed spawners data (had to rolback spawners data 24 hours sadly enough)
11 KitPvP Gunfire Added tripwirehooks (cratekeys) to /itemfilter
12 SkyBlock Dream Gunfire Fixed bug causing sell wand to stop working temporarily when used a lot
13 SkyBlock Dream Gunfire Fixed mcMMO Mining experience not being gained when mining ores
14 Discord Flagy_ Added Rythm Bot and Rythm 2 Bot for donators
15 Discord Flagy_ Added a 2nd voice channel for donators
16 BedWars Gunfire Added 1.7 support
17 Global Gunfire Updated /votetop ingame
18 Prison Gunfire Updated voting rewards
19 Lobby voodootje0 Votes are now automatically added to the vote database, no need to login on Lobby 1 first. /votetop will now always be accurate
20 Global Gunfire We have added support for the latest Minecraft version 1.13.