# Category Author Description Created
1 PracticePvP JustThiemo Fixed map issues
2 SkyWars JustThiemo Fixed random crashes
3 BedWars JustThiemo Fixed random crashes
4 BedWars JustThiemo Improved hit registration
5 SkyWars JustThiemo Improved hit registration
6 SkyWars JustThiemo Pumpkins no longer consume more than one in Spooky Mode
7 SkyBlock Fantasy JustThiemo Fixed issue with players being unable to chat
8 BedWars JustThiemo Bows now act normal again
9 SkyBlock Fantasy JustThiemo Fixed GKIT books
10 SkyWars JustThiemo Triple coins on Spooky Mode
11 PracticePvP JustThiemo Fixed having kit items in spawn
12 BedWars JustThiemo Fixed spectators being able to get a kill
13 BedWars JustThiemo Fixed Mystery pumpkins in spooky games (Halloween event)
14 BedWars JustThiemo Halloween event
15 SkyWars JustThiemo Halloween event + Spooky SkyWars Mode
16 Lobby JustThiemo Halloween lobby
17 Global JustThiemo Global donation announcements
18 SkyWars JustThiemo Fixed /nick
19 BedWars JustThiemo Fixed /nick
20 BedWars JustThiemo Fixed Mushroom map orange > white